Saturday, April 16, 2011

LTX DMR Project

I've been working on this project recently that blends the latest Lazer Tag-brand blaster with one of the newest Nerf Blaster shells.  It all started when I nabbed a Nerf Stampede that was at a Thrift Store.  The motor gears were all messed up, so I found it to be a suitable candidate for one of my recasing projects.  Most of my recasings (taking laser tag internals and putting them inside a different shell ie: Nerf Blaster) involve a more simplistic system, Laser Challenge, so doing this with the LTX has proved to be quite a challenge in itself!

Here's the 4th Video Update I've made of the progress I've made.  The other 3 are listed in links below.

Update 3
Update 2
Update 1


  1. This is looking very sweet. Alas I am a goober when it comes to this sorta thing so I'll just have to admire your workmanship from a far!

  2. Any plans to incorporate a Shotblast function? Of course, that would mean disassembling an increasingly rare Shotblast accessory.
    - Duncan

  3. There are no plans (yet) to make use of the Shotblast accessory on the LTX DMR. Once it's completed, I may add this feature if I feel it is needed. However, combat tests of this blaster thus far have shown that it's a strong enough blaster on it's own, even with opponents that are closer.

  4. 1: What does DMR stand for?
    2: I know someone with a laser challenge virtual paintball set. Are they compatible with the Lazer Tag line (LTX, LTTO, LTAR), or should I acquire them and then cannibalize them for parts?

    1. DMR stands for "Designated Marksman Rifle". The Virtual Paintball Laser Challenge sets are not directly compatible with the LTTO, LTX, and LTAR. The lens, however, can be transferred regardless of the brand. Since the VPLC set has such excellent range, due to it's lens arrangement, I transplanted those parts and incorporated them into the design to give it the long range that a DMR requires.