Saturday, April 16, 2011

Long-Range Lens Testing

Ran some tests with Sundawg on lenses that we use in our long-range weapons for laser tag.  We shot it in Night Vision so you can see the IR pattern displayed by each blaster on the wall.  The stronger the light is at the center, the longer range it has.  The larger halo or surface area it covers, the wider spread it has.

Blasters used (in order of appearance)
Laser Challenge Virtual Paintball
LTX DMR (custom)
Laser Challenge V2 Firestorm
RE-CON Mk III (custom)
Ultimate LTX (custom)


  1. Nice work there guys, Now lets see your Pulse Rifle Light it up!

  2. The Pulse Rifle is waiting for it's new motherboard before we can test it's lens arrangement. A real shame considering that we got the lens back from Mike Yates in October. It'll be a nice treat to finally get it running again!

  3. Get into the school gym after hours to do some longer distance beam spread analysis.
    - Duncan