Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More "Amped" Blasters

Man, it's been fun messing around with this DC Regulated Power Supply!   We hooked it up to 2 more popular Nerf Blasters: the Vulcan and the Barricade.  Previous tests have shown that increasing the power just heightens the Rate of Fire, but now that we have a Flywheel blaster to test it on, the increased power actually increases the range.

Obviously both of these are simply tests and couldn't be used in a Nerf Game in their current state.  Custom battery packs would need to be installed on these (I have plans to do this to the Vulcan).  The Vulcan also has a new spring and it's ARs have been removed (main weapon and each segment on the ammo chain).  It range tested at 45 ft flat and 80ft angled.


  1. What spring are you running in that Vulcan?

  2. It's out of a broken RapidFire AS-20. It's a little tough for the normal 9V battery pack to turn the motor over with this spring, so having a higher voltage battery pack will work better. In my next update, you'll get to see the Vulcan mobile with a new power supply.