Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Element EX-6 Storage Mod

A lot of my mods that I do for Nerf are far more simplistic than things you'll see by hardcore modders.  Most of my blasters are N-Strike and have basic performance upgrades like the AR removed, upgraded spring, and better seals around the plunger tube.  I have liked using the Element as a sidearm, but it's larger size makes it harder to store.  This is a simple mod I made to allow the Element to be easier to holster or put in your pocket without loosing the storage it has for ammo.  Much like how Maverick Blasters have been modified to swap out the rotating barrel, you could easily swap out the 5 dart ammo storage with this blaster without too much trouble.

Open the blaster and separate the two halves.  Using a Dremel, cut off the lower section of the shell so that it's even with the trigger guard.

After you've done this to both sides, re-assemble the blaster as normal but without the ammo storage piece.

 The ammo storage piece should fit snug into it's original housings and can easily be removed so the blaster can be stored in a holster or pocket.

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