Monday, April 25, 2011

OLCA's Fight Nights

We are a mere 2 weeks away from the start of the Omaha Laser Challenge Association's 6th Summer Season.  I will likely be sharing pictures and stories from these games on this blog, so I thought it'd be good to bring folks who aren't familiar with it up to speed with details about it.

Every summer since 2006, the Omaha Laser Challenge Association (OLCA) has hosted weekly laser tag games in a public park here in town.  The games are always held on the same weeknight at the same time at the same park so that it's easier for folks to plan ahead and attend them.  Laser Challenge-brand gear is provided free of charge for players to use and the OLCA's collection of gear has grown large enough to equip 40 players with a blaster and front and back sensor.  When we started in 2006, we averaged between 10 and 15 players per game.  These days, average attendance has grown to 25-35 players per game.  Though we've seen our fair share of changes, we've managed to retain a lot of Veteran players through the years.

We play outdoors at a park called Mission Park West.   It has varying terrain that can accommodate most playing styles pretty well.  From the not-so-adventurous suburbanite's sticking to the paved walkway to thick trees and bushes for those decked out in camouflage to utilize, Mission Park West has proved to provide a good mix of features for players to utilize.  It also features a shelter with benches and grills that we often use for cookouts before games.  

Come June 6th, the OLCA will be 5 years old... that's half a decade of providing fun and free laser tag for the Omaha Metro Area.  I've watched it grow from just a casual group of friends to an army of friends of friends of residents in the area joining together each week for a few glorious games of laser tag.  It's been something I, and a handful of others, look forward to every summer.

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