Saturday, April 23, 2011

Linked Vulcan Chain

Figured since my "Amped Vulcan" is going to be able to go through ammo faster than ever that I'd give it a higher capacity ammo belt.  I built a 60 round chain (Two 25-round Chains and an additional 10) and removed the dart pegs in every link but now I've gotta figure out a way to make it mobile.  I'm thinking of modifying the existing ammo box to contain it all, but I might experiment with other alternatives.

Either that or I've gotta find me a sling to hold the Vulcan and go Rambo and feed the belt myself!


  1. you could link the belt back on to itself, that way it's a loop rather than a long chain. but you would have to take the stand off otherwise it'd get tangled

  2. Why do I see Rambo in my mind, coming out of the water, holding the Vulcan in one hand and the ammo belt in the other. Hmmm, must be the death throes of some old brain cells.

  3. Do you have a tutorial or info on how to build your vulcan mod?