Monday, December 29, 2014

Zombie Fighter Longshot

So amidst the crazy busy holidays, I managed to assemble some pieces from Xplorer Dart Blaster Developments to build up my first Stefan-toting Longshot.  Using my ZombieStrike Longshot, I'm going to be outfitting it with upgraded internals designed for use with Stefans as well as a sleeker weaver rail mount that will replace the N-Strike Tactical Rail on top.  There's other changes I'll probably make to suit my taste, obviously Xplorer's recent work with the Longshot has influenced my ideas quite a bit!

I've only used Stefan darts for reviewing purposes in the past.  In fact, much of the gear that I reviewed for Xplorer is getting used in this project!  I'm still not sure if I'll use the shotgun grip on mine, as it has become part of the Elite Longshot Ver 2.0 and I kinda like it on there.  However, with a higher-load spring in this Zombie Fighter, I may need to have some kind of better priming system.

First on the mod list will be installing the FAST Rails, a set of custom fabricated rails that fit over the Longshot shell that have been very popular with the Singapore-based Rangers for Xplorer.  Aesthetically they look great, but it's also handy to have some decent optics on a blaster shooting Stefans.  I usually only bother with optics on my Laser Tag gear since it's so accurate, but Stefans are a game-changer for accuracy.

In addition to the optics, you can't have a Zombie Fighter without some sort of flashlight!  I'll be fixing a small side-mounted weaver rail to put a tactical light (probably my Streamlight).  I don't think I'll do any nifty barrel or muzzle extensions since these usually conflict with the effectiveness of the light.  Granted, I probably won't be doing any night-games with the Longshot... but c'mon!  It's a Zombie Fighter!  It HAS to have it for completion's sake!

I'll also be using the X-Mag and parts of the Fighter Kit from Xplorer.  I've already transplanted many of the parts over from the Yellow Longshot sent for reviewing into the Longshot as I prep things for testing out different combinations and improvements to the internals.  I've re-enforced the ZS bolt sled already and have the Stefan Breech mated to it.

Depending on how much I end up adding to this fella, I could have this done in a week or two.  I don't plan on repainting the full blaster.  Probably just some extra markings or details to the existing ZombieStrike coloring.  I might detail up the buttstock a little more so it's not quite so plain, but that'll likely be the most of it.  I'll be turning to my Stefan-shooting friends for advice with the internals and priming, as there's a lot of experience with these kinds of systems that I've admittedly missed out on by using stock darts for so long!

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