Sunday, December 21, 2014

CTDYNE: Counter Sniper Module Complete!

A few weeks ago, Tactical Tag featured the recent project that Custom Tag Dynamics (CTDYNE) undertook with their Counter Sniper Module (CSM).  Yesterday, they sent me completed photos and a video of how this unique accessory works.

It attaches to the lower accessory rail of any Phoenix LTX blaster.  There are small contacts that connect power to the CSM (just like the ShotBlast accessory) and enable it to communicate with the blaster.  It is intended to provide the LTX user with an appropriate counter measure for that pesky sniper who is harassing you from a considerable distance by providing the user with an optics package optimized for long range engagements. It can also be configured to provide an amazing rate of fire, if needed. The extended range optics in combination with the option to select a high rate of fire should provide a solution for a number of tactical situations.n

The unusually high rate of fire available on the CSM is made possible by the first do-it-yourself RapidBlast printed circuit board that CTDYNE has assembled. It is able to unleash fifteen (not ten) rounds of full auto fun in approximately three seconds. That's a cyclic rate of 300 tags per minute!

The optics on this LTX accessory consist of a 45 millimeter poly lens and a TSAL-6100 infrared LED. The performance of this combinatio of components is enhanced by the externally adjustable focal length function. The knob on the left side of the CSM can be rotated to unlock the mechanism the IR LED rides on.  By sliding this knob forward or aft, the focal length can be adjusted from a minimum of 4.0" to a maximum of 5.95". This dimension is read at the scale, also on the left side of the CSM.  Locking the position of the desired focal length is as simple as rotating the knob in the opposite direction.  Focal length adjustments can be made in seconds without the use tools.  CTDYNE has not yet had the opportunity to field test the optics package, so we are not exactly sure what the maximum effective range of the CSM will be. We anticipate at least as far or greater range than the mighty LTTO TMB.

The CSM is also equipped with a Close Quarters Battle function. When the slide switch on the left side of the fore grip is moved from "S" (sniper mode) to "C" (CQB mode) the tag signal is routed from the main lens to the pair of wide angle IR LED's at the front of the CSM.  Both of these IR LED's fire simultaneously.  Not much range in this mode, but a significant spread of infrared light is emitted when this function is selected. Just the ticket for clearing rooms, hallways, or tunnels!

The information needed to build a RapidBlast PCB that sits at the heart of the CSM is available for free on the internet. Others have built these RapidBlast boards based on these designs. For those who do not want to "do-it-yourself", CTDYNE is considering offering a limited number of either DIY RapidBlast printed circuit boards and/or ready-to-go completely assembled RapidBlast modules for the LTX tagger. If there is enough demand, these will be assembled one at a time in very limited numbers. The cost will reflect the hand crafted nature of this project. No final decision on pricing, availability, or options have been made yet.


  1. Impressive project. Field-adjustable focal length is unique. The CSM demonstrates the LTX's designed-in accessory potential.

  2. I think there is demand

  3. if they do make it so you can buy it how could you?