Thursday, January 31, 2013

Xplorer Longshot Fighter Kit

I've had about a month to mess around with the Longshot Fighter kit by Xplorer and I still can't believe the power of this blaster.  With the high-load spring paired with the precision-crafted custom internals, these XDarts that I've been slinging around have been hitting hard and finding their targets with immense accuracy!

Visit Xplorer's website, see the review, and check out their other products as well!


  1. "A very impressive kit, especially for the price you're paying for it." ....Which is?

    1. All of the current pricing information is posted on Xplorer's online store. I don't list prices in my videos in case they change so I don't have to edit the review. The link is in the post.

  2. That's some pretty intense music. Was that written and performed by your band?

  3. Hey mate,

    Mr.1835Link here of SOFT :D

    Alex and I would be proud to have your blog as an affiliate of SOFT. If you'd have us of course :P

    (I've been meaning to send out affiliate request ages ago :P)