Thursday, December 18, 2014

NERF Cam ECS-12 Review

Halfway through making this review, I almost thought "Nah, there's enough bad press about the Cam ECS-12 out there", but since it was actually kind of fun (and funny) to make this, I went on ahead and buttoned it up.  This is a review... and a bit of advice to steer clear of the N-Strike Elite Cam ECS-12.

While it's certainly not the worst blaster built (it's actually quite solid), the high price and low-quality camera have made the Cam ECS-12 something to avoid.  The only reason I even picked this one up to review was because the price was substantially cheaper than the retail prices they normally go for.  I was still curious about the blaster and pitting it up against similar setups.  You can read in detail about my findings with that in >this article<

This is not just a review, but a bit of a comparison to what else is available to Nerf fans who want to capture their battle footage.  This detailed breakdown should make things easier.

There's also a bit of "bonus material" after the logo rolls.  Check out the full video!


  1. It would be cheaper to buy a Stryfe and duct tape a 90's era camcorder that was even bad for the 90's on it. That's probably what went down at Hasbro R&D when this they was concepted.

  2. i agree with YALE70A here, that camera sucks for its era...

  3. Quit picking on the Camblaster you big meany. It more bestest gun ever & shots nerf bullets very very long.

    NERF R & D

  4. Wonder if it would be a possible LTAR recase

  5. I thought you said you used android :(

    1. LTAR uses an iPhone or iPod. Tactical Mission App uses an iPhone or iPod. If I had an Android, I wouldn't have been able to review either of those! Haha