Friday, December 19, 2014

Laser Tag Mod Night 12/18

On the one hand, I had some much-needed catching up to do with my buddy.  On the other, we had a lot of work ahead of us for some projects that we want to finish up for the next Laser Tag regular season to be held next summer!

A big part of what we've been trying to do with our Laser Tagging group is make modifying stock blasters easier than ever.  By recreating custom-built parts in a 3D model, we're able to order pieces for our players to help upgrade their LTAR blasters to suit!  We're updating and refreshing older models while working on newer ones, too.  They'll be available not only to our local players, but anyone who's on Tactical Tag when we link the finished products from here.  We've already successfully completed the lens adapter and now we're hard at work trying to finalize our stock adapters!

I managed to get some more work done on the Demolisher 2-in-1 Laser Tag / Nerf project.  With some editing of the inner structure of the Rocket Launcher section, I've managed to mount the main board, speaker, and reload/shields functions into the shell.  I'm also starting to mount the sensor dome into the top of the Demolisher, but it means I'll have to be clever about any optics.  The Tactical Rail on top will have that dome smack-dab in the middle and it doesn't leave me much space to put a red dot sight.  I'll likely have to make a custom Weaver Rail attachment somewhere behind the dome.

I also managed to find a home for my favorite Tactical Light!  This Streamlight TLR-3 was on my LTAR-AR before and it's been a trusty companion when the sun goes down.  I mounted a small weaver rail to the side of the lens housing so I can keep using this guy!

I'm still trying to figure out where to put the power supply.  I may do some kind of rear stock mounted battery to help offset the front-heavy design.  Putting a battery on a removable stock might be an interesting solution to my previous "stuff it in the magazine" methods I've had before.  We'll see!

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