Monday, December 1, 2014

Cyber Monday Deals

Aside from getting your BOGO Free "Box Combo" at Raising Canes, there's some pretty neat Nerf deals out there today.  Figured I'd share a few of the major ones I've found!  Feel free to add ones I've missed!

A quick stop by's Nerf listing has a 50% drop on four blasters.  Strongarms are listed for $6.49,  Retaliators are listed at $13.49, RapidStrikes are $19.99, and even the overpriced Cam ECS is on sale for $39.99.  The Combat Creature is also listed for $39.99 for noisy robotic battles.  Oh, and the Rapid RED from the Rebelle lineup is 14.99, too!

Obviously if you're an Amazon Prime user, Free 2-Day shipping applies... but I suppose that doesn't matter if it's a Christmas gift to wrap up for the end of the month!

Toys R Us has a 20% off All Nerf Blasters sale for Cyber Monday.  In my honest opinion, this is really only good if you're looking for TRU Exclusive blasters like the recolored Sonic ICE and Sonic FIRE stuff.  They've always got crazy-good selection for blasters, but there's still some better deals out there on a couple of 'em. doesn't have quite the Nerf sale I was hoping for, but there's still a few good ones.  Demolishers for $29.99, SlingFires for $16.99 and some Perpetual Play ZombieStrike foam things.

There's a RapidStrike on there too listed, but it's cheaper at Amazon link up above.  I was hoping some of the Target Exclusive blasters would make the cut, but alas... no dice.

Speaking of Exclusive blasters, I was happy to see that Wal-Mart's site has the Elite Spectre REV-5 on sale for $12!  They also have the brand-spankin-new wallet buster: the RhinoFire marked down to $69.97 (normally $89.97).  The Rebelle Agent Bow is also rolled back to $19 for you Katniss fans.

On the downside, these are the only 3 Nerf items listed.  Still, I was surprised to see a sale on the RhinoFire so soon.  I actually just saw one on the shelf for the first time this weekend.

There's more deals out there, but this should get you off to a good start!  Like I said before, feel free to share more Cyber Monday deals if you find 'em!  Happy Hunting!

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    I normally do my nerf shopping at walmart. This is too awesome