Saturday, March 8, 2014

Outdoor Nerfin'

If you're just now joining us, I usually do my Laser Tagging outdoors and my Nerf games indoors.  It's just the way I've done things for awhile.  Outdoors, you can make use of the +500 ft ranges and precision accuracy that Laser Tag offers.  Indoors, the ranges of Nerf make more sense to me... plus it's a lot easier to recover darts in an enclosed environment.  However, with a new backyard that's got a few wide-open portions where an outdoor game would make sense, I'm planning my first big outdoor Nerf game as the weather warms up.

Tactics indoors are very different from those outdoors, so I'm wondering if any of you who have done both types of scenarios have any tips or advice for how to approach things differently.

In general, I tend to carry far less ammo indoors since it can easily be retrieved.  Outdoors, I'm thinking I'll need more ammo, loaded into magazines ahead of time, to be effective outdoors.  Accuracy will likely plummet with the ranges we'll face outdoors, so as a result I'll probably burn through more ammo anyways.  That'll probably mean that I should get some of those MOLLE-based pouches to put on my rig to carry more ammo into battle.  Usually my pouches for Laser Tag on my rig are for batteries, First Aid, my phone/radios, flashlights, and carrying a few tools in case a quick repair is needed in the field.  Most of those pouches are pretty small, but there's certainly potential to carry more which is why I think doing something like Basic Nerf's setup would be a good idea.


  1. Pro tip: if you're shooting at someone with a stock/classic n-strike gun, and you're using something modded or elite, keep in mind that you have a range advantage. You can make advances they can't.

  2. Hey 'Zook!

    I actually have lots of experience with both indoor and outdoor nerf wars. As you mentioned, dart recovery is much easier indoors. You can manage decent dart recovery outdoors as long as you maintain a limited range (your back yard should be perfect).

    My first overall advice is that open spaces tend to be your friend. There is more room to dodge darts and you also have a larger advantage over your space. If you're using a modded elite blaster, you should be able to control about a 50-75 foot area around yourself with no problem.

    Second, always always always watch your back. In indoor wars, due to the confined space, you can easily keep an eye on nearly everyone (unless there is a circular setup). Outdoors, it is really easy to be flanked. So be mindful of your position and I found it best to work in a team of two people.

    As for equipment, I generally carry about 4X18 mags, 3X12 mags, and a few 6-clips. Granted this amount of ammo is kind of overkill, but it serves its purpose. The pouches that Basic Nerf uses for his 18's are great and should fit with your current setup. I would move the batteries/first aid kit further up on your vest to keep them out of the way. Flashlights can be affixed to your blaster, and phone can go in a different pocket. I would also recommend getting a nice holster for a sidearm that WONT move when youre running. (The old one you posted about 2 years ago is GREAT).

    Just my 2 cents.

    Hope it helps!

  3. Ahh I should link you to some Brisbane nerf group war footage, their outdoor wars are really good. They make use of tarps and boxes to create a tight field with so many ways to flank or defend and it forces really good teamwork to win.

  4. I know you use amazon, but I suggest
    Besides Load Bearing Equipment, I also suggest a good pear of Vietnam style jungle boot, while there are other better brands like Bates, Altama , New Balance etc. But what I've always liked about these are the half circle solid rubber heel that gives you a bounce to your step and makes running feel easy.

    With summer comming up Poly pros might be going on sale, moisture wicking, thin and warm. It is what the military use under their BDU (battle dress uniform) in the fall and winter. Try it you'll appreciate it.

    1. I use Amazon for some things, but when it comes to tactical gear, there's a wide range of sites I use. AirsoftGI, (, US Cav, 5.11 Tactical, there's quite a few that I use. I also use quite a few Combat Shirts / FROG shirts, especially in the summer. Whether I wear my MOLLE rig or not, I've usually got a moisture-wicking shirt on anyways.

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