Tuesday, March 25, 2014


The Shot of the Week winner for Week #2 features the wild Bobololo in his native environment.  Blitzing the competition with a ball-busting ball blaster!  But this is no ordinary Buzz Saw or Reactor.  This is the PULSATOR PULSATOR PULSATOR PULSATOR!!!

::ahem:: The Nerf Pulsator was released in 1998 under the "Mega Blitz" lineup and fired 6 Ballistic Balls.  Instead of using a trigger, you'd pump the front handle as it's two barrels shifted in and out to fire sequentially one after another.  If you're not familiar with the hilariously 90s commercial, have a looksee below.

That's all great and good, but what does Bobololo think about this blaster?  Why go out into the wild with such a loose cannon?

"The Pulsator is, in my opinion, one of the most underrated blasters ever made by Nerf.  Is it accuracte?  No.  Does it get good distance?  No.  So why is it so great?  Because it's fun!  Hardly anyone understands what I mean by that until they try it out.  If the commercial doesn't give you an idea, nothing will.  Perfect for awfuls rounds, and perfect for any armory." - Bobololo

He brings up a point that I think is forgotten all too easily.  Nerf makes toys.  Toys are for fun.  Sometimes it doesn't matter if it gets dismal ranges or if it's not practical.  The sheer entertainment of something that crazy, like the Pulsator, is what makes it great.  I'm guilty of getting caught up in technicalities and details where I could just take a step back and enjoy that it's a toy blaster. 

You can catch Bobololo on his YouTube Channel and the Nerf Herder Podcast!


  1. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the reason I love my Revonix so much. Because firing it is just madly fun.

  2. I own two Ballzooka MP150s, a original Ballzooka, and a Cyclotron and they serve me no other purpose than just pure insanity. Funny seeing the look on people's faces when they get pelted with a ball gun.

  3. Wow, the podcast is getting some recognition from somewhere other than facebook? Holy poo! Awesome review and thanks for the shout out! (ps, im part of the nerf herders)

  4. I own a NB-1 missile launcher in just straight-off-the-crate state. Are the ranges good? Yes, does it have awesome accuracy? Maybe not so much, but using it is a complete charm