Monday, March 10, 2014

Shot of the Week!

If there's one thing I actually enjoyed about the Nerf Nation Facebook Page was their "Shot of the Week" series that they'd do with fan-submitted photos.  Although it wasn't always consistent (sometimes I think they honestly forgot about it) they'd post up the best fan-submitted photo on their Facebook page.  While my blog side of Tactical Tag doesn't exactly have this ability, the Facebook page for it certainly does.  That's why I'm starting up a weekly photo contest replacing what Nerf Nation seems to have forgotten about.

Here's all you need to do!  Upload your photo to the Tactical Tag Facebook Page or, if you don't have Facebook, you can share a URL of your photo as a comment on the blog.  Any post will do, just label it as "SOTW" or "Shot of the Week" in the comment.  Either way, I'll pick my favorite photo each week and feature it as the banner for Tactical Tag.  If it's especially awesome, I'll feature it here on the blog, too!  I'll probably just do that if there's some kind of cool story along with it like if it was from some big game or part of some killer mod project.

Having trouble thinking of a cool "SOTW" worthy picture?  There's lots of different things that I find cool.  Neat blaster arrangements (like the Red Strike Recon pictured above), action photos, building some neat modification, a big group shot of everyone at your event, or even just being a complete GOOBER.  However, if there's one thing that grinds my gears... it's grainy photo quality stuff.  You could have a Longshot integrated with a RapidStrike with a Laser Tag module and a Titan Rocket Launcher integrated with IR LEDs that fire a "hit" signal on impact... but if the quality of the photo is terrible, I'll probably go with something else.  I'm pickiest most when it comes to stuff like that!

Contest starts THIS WEEK!  Every Monday I'll post up a new winner!  Good luck, everybody!


  1. Shot of the Week :D

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