Monday, March 17, 2014

Skirmos is Happening!

Earlier this month, I put in a plug for Skirmos Laser Tag, a Kickstarter project for that awesome FAMAS-looking system.  Well, as it turns out, they've nailed their $60k goal!  Thought it was especially neat to see a bit of a "shout out" when they thanked folks who had promoted 'em.  I honestly didn't think this blog's logo would be among Gizmodo, SparkFun, and the other great sites on there, so I'm proud to be relevant enough for that.

More importantly, I'm excited to see this project moving forward so rapidly!  There are still more Tiers of funding that could further enhance their project, so there's still great reason to keep flying a flag for them in this time of FUNDamental backing.  Better software development, options, and other extensions of their already great base-product still need to be "unlocked" so there's still time to give what you can if you see fit.

Check out the Kickstarter project.  Better yet, check out the video below.  It shows you all three of the guys behind Skirmos and gives you a better understanding of the project, their goals, the development process, and just great insight to the direction of this Laser Tag system.  I've backed 'em, and also put in my claim for a few of these.  I'm hoping to find other backers who will also have a few sets of these so we can enjoy them together.  It'll be awhile before anything hits the ground, but it's exciting being a part of something I feel strongly about and the potential of connecting with others who share that idea.

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  1. That's great! Congratulations on the recognition.
    LAZERTAG MESSAGE BOARD was talking about another franchise style tagger and I commented that I like this better. Color coding, no vest/hat, weapon design and being able to know if your flag is being captured are the key points that I feel make this a better choice. Since its open sourse it would be cool if someone took the IR frequencies from lazerswarm and allowed Nerf taggers to coexist.