Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Orange Xplorer Works

My finished Longstrike: featuring OMW and Xplorer
Just a bit of a follow-up on my Whiteout Longstrike that I've been working on.  I've finally got it working the way I'd like it to and it's all prettied up now with a few aesthetic "advertisements".  This project has been a LONG time coming so I thought with it all wrapped up, this might also be a good time to take a look back at the steps I've taken to get here.

It started when I got my hands on a Nerf Longstrike CS-6 from the Whiteout series exclusive to Wal-Mart.  Around that same time, Orange Mod Works was releasing their "Stage 1" kits for the Longstrike, Raider, and Alpha Trooper whilst working on Stage 2 for the Recon.  I picked one up for my new Whiteout Longstrike and tried it out.  To my dismay, the kit was too powerful to single-hand prime the blaster, so I set out to try to find a way to build my own Shotgun Pump grip for the Longstrike.  I called the project the "Longstrike Blur" and things were moving along nicely.  The big snag I ran into was that I was struggling to find a good way to connect the two halves of the rails for this new priming system.  Around that same time, Orange Mod Works announced their "Massacre" series and I started to think that maybe that would solve the single-hand priming issue from the inside out.  The Longstrike Blur was shelved and I picked up another Whiteout Series Longstrike to use for these promising new internals.

As we all know, the Massacre kits from Orange Mod Works faced a long series of delays.  From their initial target release of January, the Massacre kits wouldn't reach the hands of their fans until late March, almost 4 months later than I had planned.  Hoping the wait would be worth it, I installed my Massacre kit into my Whiteout Longstrike when it got here but, to my dismay, the single hand priming issue was still there.  On top of that, after only a dozen shots fired with the new Massacre internals installed, the polycarbonate parts failed and I had to wait for replacement parts for those internals.

Around that same time, Xplorer Dart Blaster Developments released a top-slide priming grip for the Longstrike that looked to solve my single-hand priming system.  I purchased one and used it to evenly prime the Longstrike Massacre internals to avoid future breakage and give this blaster the rapid-fire capabilities I had hoped to achieve in the first place with a single hand prime.  Additionally, to ensure that no futher problems would arise from the OMW parts, I installed a 5kg spring instead of the overpowered 6kg spring.  After a little tweaking on my end to get a smooth and flawless action on the Longstrike, I can finally say that it's DONE!

So this kit is running Orange Mod Works Massacre internals as well as the Xplorer Longstrike Rapid Fire Grip.  I've finished everything up and it's working GREAT!  I can't say it's lengthy timeline was what I had in mind back when I started this, but the end product finally has the Longstrike I was looking for.


  1. sweet setup mate! i gotta get me one of those xploder grips! sam