Friday, June 29, 2012

Johnson Arms: Pulse Rifle Inspired Stampede

He's done it again... but this time with my favorite Sci-Fi blaster of ALL TIME.  Brian Johnson, founder of Johnson Arms, has turned a Nerf Stampede into this beast of a blaster.  It's designed to look like an M41A Pulse Rifle, the weapon of choice for the Colonial Marines featured in the 1986 blockbuster: Aliens.  It's a beautiful replica of this iconic blaster and even though the tail end of this blaster isn't quite how it's supposed to look (he retained the Stampede's gigantic battery pack in the design) I'm so impressed by the rest of the blaster that I hardly notice it!

Body work is by Christopher Glass Studios, so it's neat to see this blaster as a collaborative effort.  The Pulse Rifle I'm working on is certainly one of those kinds of projects, though it's on the backburner again until we can get the programming figured out.  Still, Brian's work is always epic and I thought it was more than worth sharing here considering my love for the Pulse Rifle in general.

See more of Brian's work at his Deviant Art page and Wordpress Page.

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