Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Nerf's Publicity Focus

So if there's one thing that has seemed to puzzle Nerf fans that are in the know, it's the question of why we've been hearing nothing but news about the N-Strike Elite stuff when we are obviously close to other blaster releases as well.  The Snapfire 8 and the Vortex Pyragon are two new blasters that look to be released this summer, along with the Elite blasters.  However, all we seem to get news about is the N-Strike Elite stuff.  Makes you wonder why, right?

From a marketing standpoint, promoting products from several different lines at the same time would diminish each launch overall.  By focusing their promotional activities on one brand/series, Nerf is able to assure that the N-Strike Elite launch is as strong as ever.  The N-Strike Elite launch is also more important to them since it covers a series of blasters (like the Dart Tag line last spring or the Vortex line last fall), so it's a promotion of 3 blasters instead of a single addition to the existing lineups like the Pyragon and Snapfire 8.

This isn't the first time Hasbro has done this either.  You'll recall the relatively lax promotion of the Speedswarm, the surprise release of the Jolt, and other blasters that have flown under the radar until they're on the shelf.  So for now, just pretend like you don't know about the Pyragon and Snapfire like Hasbro wants you to and be giddy when they're released.  It's like that Christmas Present you found in your parents closet 3 months before December 25th.  You know it's coming, just act surprised!

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  1. Neat take, Bazookafied. That's something I've thought about, but never had the wherewithal to wrap my head around. Well articulated!