Monday, June 4, 2012

SG Nerf: Snapfire!

Those lucky ducks at SG Nerf have nabbed TWO of the new Snapfire 8 blasters.  This is a Dart Tag blaster that we got a sneak peek at during ToyFair 2012 but haven't really seen much of anything on it since.  The review reveals the Snapfire to have excellent performance (especially for it's size), a compact design, and self-contained internals.  SG Nerf had this to say about it's plunger size and possible future modifications.
As for the plunger tube, its short but quite wide (almost the width of a Longshot plunger tube), so there is still a decent amount of air volume being compressed, i guess it's designed that way to compensate for the shorter priming draw. The extension spring can be replaced with a heavier load one, but then the user's grip strength has to be much stronger too. :)
There hasn't been any official word from Nerf about a release date on this, but I would expect the Snapfire to start hitting shelves before the N-Strike Elite stuff is released in August (late June, early July). Certainly looks like a blaster worth getting!

I think one of the reasons the Snapfire seems to have more of my attention is that it addresses a problem I have with current automatic blasters that are electronically driven.  There's not really an "oomph" to them and the winding motor sounds tend to drone on and you loose that "bang bang bang" feel of a manually primed blaster.  The Snapfire takes that automatic feel with it's pull-to-prime trigger, puts it in a compact design, and gets great ranges stock.  It's small size also makes it an excellent candidate for an integration project and the self-contained internals would make such a project even easier.  It's really just looking like a fun blaster to use and I can't wait to get my hands on one!

Check out SG Nerf's review and internals guide for the new Snapfire 8!


  1. Yeah. I like the battery-powered blasters but they don't have much of an "oomph" to them.

  2. I like everything about this blaster. The size, shape, and flexibility all are extremely appealing. Plus the fact that the internals are completely contained makes one wicked blaster.

    Also, you forgot my favorite quote from SGNerf:

    "Well, i guess the best way to make the trigger pull easier would be to "mod the user"... invest in those hand grip exercisers, and start training to build up grip strength. :)"

  3. Any word on when these might be released? It's already September and I can't find one anywhere! Argh. :D

    1. I have to admit, I've forgotten about this release. I haven't seen them listed on any U.S. websites, nor have I seen anyone reporting them shelfside. What a shame! I guess it's just more of a waiting game now.