Tuesday, September 2, 2014

It's NERF! Pretend it's Nothin'

If you frequent the internet for Nerf news, chances are you saw that image of new 2015 Nerf products.  If you frequent Urban Tagger's Facebook Page, where this whole thing started, you'll also notice that "Jerry" has requested that he remove the content, pretend he saw nothing, and move along.  Sound familiar?

Turn back the clocks to March 20th, 2012, when the N-Strike Elite lineup was in it's infancy, Urban Taggers was under the legal gun with a Hasbro Goon Squad showing up at his house for "leaking super-secret information about toy guns".  While this Facebook post by Mr. Jerry isn't nearly has creepy as being hunted down by legal thugs, it's the same cover-up sillyness I remember.  If you've forgotten, or missed that fiasco, give UT's article a read on the whole matter.

A quick message to Hasbro from me:  If you want to stop the flow of Level Alpha Security Information, don't go chasing down your fans that browse the ever-expanding internet.  It never ends well (and you should know this already from past experience).  Go to the source.  And... if you're really convinced that a cool guy in Australia IS the source, go visit the hospital first and have your head checked.

That being said, I really hope Mr. Jerry is the only confrontation we'll have about this.  It's kind of harmless compared to the Goon Squad stuff from the first excursion.  A slap on the wrist is always more fun than a handcuff.

In the meantime, our other Australian Nerf Representative has managed to find a less-blurry picture of the "Move Along, Nothing to See Here" picture we got yesterday!  Keep an eye on Southern Brisbane Nerf Club's blog and Facebook Page.


  1. LOL, jerry. The Nerf nazis are useing the same name the Brits gave the real nazis in WW2 :)

  2. Oh Hasbro, when will you ever learn. When it's on the internet, its already too late.

  3. The Modulus looks faked from the Nerf make your gun thingy game, and the Bigshot looks like a red Dart Tag Stinger Jolt recolor, the Cyclone has a cool name and I hope it is real since it would remininsce a handcannon, the Berzerker looks to have a Revonix 360 barrel from said Nerf game, and the Flipfury looks familiar... does X-Shot ring any bells?