Friday, November 14, 2014

Darts, Mags, and Reloading for Nerf

Do you ever have a thought and just run with it?  Do you ever catch yourself thinking up the most EFFECTIVE loadout possible... only to realize that your theory doesn't quite work out in the real world?  Not only has this happened to me in Nerf games before... but it flat-out happened during filming for this video.

The topic centers around reloading Nerf blasters between "Quick Reload Clips" and front-loading blasters.  I use the Stockade (front-loading) and Stryfe (Magazine fed) blasters to face off in a race to reload.

Sometimes when you set out to accomplish one thing, your result isn't what you thought it'd be.  However, it's still a result and still something you can step back and take something from it.

This video is sort of an example from that.  You'll quickly have video-proof that I really don't rehearse/think these things through... as the plans sort of change as the test results come through and I think up more scenarios and adjustments needed, only to figure out that it's kind of impossible to nail down the result I was looking for.

Just check it out after the jump.  You'll see what I mean!


  1. I understand what you are saying completely. Sometimes a front loading type of blaster is harder to use. Examples: The barricade(stockade), and the other nerf revolvers.
    However, it can be very efficient to be able to just jam a bunch of random darts in the front of a swarmfire and go. Front loading rifles are actually very good. One of my personal favourites is the roughcut when you talk about front loading blasters.

  2. I think the best technique is to reload a front loading blaster a little bit over the course of a battle to keep you ammo full oppose to all at once. Clip blasters if they have a jungle clip setup then you can do the same but without it, it isn't even worth trying.
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    1. I load them in my rig as I go round, any empties go the right way up in the dump pouch, then I can pop darts in as I go. I also put empties back in my mag pouches for loading.
      I usually pack between 6 and 12 stick mags, all 18's, so reloading tends not to be an issue.

  3. When you use a Barricade/Stockade, the cylinder makes an annoying rattling noise, but if you turn it on and pull the trigger while it is empty, it wont make the noise and the cylinder will advance (semi)automatically, so you could reload it quicker by doing this.

  4. harpuia is right on that point. If you are using a front loading blaster with low dart storage, you should reload on the go. Make sure you can reload while sprinting or dodging enemy fire.