Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Season 9 Schedule Released!

The 9th Summer Season of Fight Nights for the Midwest Laser Tag Association has been set!  It's a little shorter season than normal, mostly due to wedding preparations on my end... but it still should be a great set of games!  I figured I'd publish this information on the blog to reach more people about it.  Outreach to new players has always been important to the group, so whether you live in the Omaha area and have just learned about this or you're passing through on a trip and want to make a Laser Tag pit stop, here's all the info you'll need to know!

There are four special events in our 12-week season this year.  Below are details on each one.

Season 9 Opener:  This event will kick off things with our new park.  Although we've had a couple of games there already, it'll be good to start getting familiar with the new elements this park brings to the game.  After 7 years of playing at Mission Park West, it's a bit of a change from what we're used to.  The event will have a cookout hosted from my backyard patio, so it should be fun having folks over the new house to celebrate the new season together.

OLCA's 8th Anniversary:  This is to honor our beginnings.  Back on June 6th of 2006, the Omaha Laser Challenge Association (OLCA) was formed.  Since then, it has grown and evolved into the Midwest Laser Tag Association (MLTA) but with the same principles at it's core.  Promote the game of Laser Tag to the Omaha area through organized local events and provide equipment free-of-charge to players.  We'll celebrate our beginnings by using our original gear at our original park.

Independence Eve Blast:  This is the only event held on a Thursday night.  The Independence Eve Blast (IEB) continues to be my favorite event year after year.  The combination of a great cookout, Laser Tag, and then continuing to battle under the cover of fireworks exploding overhead that make for a unique one-night-only experience.

Season 9 Closer:  We'll wrap things up with one final hurrah!  This is usually when kids start going back to school, so we finish up the season the same way we started.  Cookout and games!  Should be interesting at this point to see if, after 12 weeks of games, if the new park is still showing us new things or if we'll have it figured out by then.  Either way, it's always bittersweet closing things out as we go into the Off-Season.

  • May 30th - Season 9 Opener (#1) - Cookout at 6pm, Games at 7pm
  • June 6th - OLCA's 8th Anniversary (#2) - Games at 7pm
  • June 13th - Fight Night #3 - Games at 7pm
  • June 20th - Fight Night #4 - Games at 7pm
  • June 27th - Fight Night #5 - Games at 7pm
  • July 3rd - Independence Eve Blast (#6) - Cookout at 6pm, Games at 7pm
  • July 11th - Fight Night #7 - Games at 7pm
  • July 18th - Fight Night #8 - Games at 7pm
  • July 25th - Fight Night #9 - Games at 7pm
  • August 1st - Fight Night #10 - Games at 7pm
  • August 8th - Fight Night #11 - Games at 7pm
  • August 15th - Season 9 Closer (#12) - Cookout at 6pm, Games at 7pm

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