Saturday, April 19, 2014

Slydev Systems

When this package from Hasbro showed up with 6 more SledgeFire Shells, instantly I got to thinking "what is the best way to use all this ammo I suddenly have for my beloved shotgun?"  Yep, that's right.  Slydev!

I've often talked about Slydev, that neato Nerf company with the custom accessory bits that bridge the gap (literally) between your blaster and your gear.  It's all about integration and weapon-mounted accessories with most of their stuff.  However, I've yet to pick up any of their nifty gizmos.  Not out of disinterest, mind you!  I just haven't really had a need for it yet.

Originally, I was just thinking of using a pouch to carry the extra shells in.  I've used the Dart Holder Accessory from the Barrel Break on this a bit, but it gets a little clunky taking out shells and refilling them on the fly, which is why I figured extra shells and a pouch would do the trick.  Honestly, when I ordered the shells I didn't even think of Slydev.  For some reason, the second this box showed up, BAM.  That's all I could think of using.

Now then, I'm not an expert on building these systems up and I've seen some impressive loadouts that utilize multiple rails and such.  I have a total of 12 Shells at my disposal, so what I'd like to do is figure out what combination of parts would work to maximize storage on the SledgeFire.  I get the feeling that having ALL those on there would be a bit clunky to make the blaster to use, so I'm open to suggestions on how to load it up.  Have all of 'em on the blaster?  Have a few on the blaster and the rest in a pouch? Also, if you have a SledgeFire loaded up, please share those pictures so I can get some ideas.  Thanks!!

Slydev SledgeFire Shell Holder


  1. Slydev actually offers a Sledgefire shell holder:

    The orientation is kind of silly though. However the owner Joe is pretty good at answering email and doing custom jobs so if you tell him you want a bigger shell holder with the shells loaded in a traverse orientation he can probably knock something up for you.

  2. I take an air warriors ammo pouch, remove the rear belt clip and use industrial stick on velcro strips on the back of the pouch and the side of the stock
    you could put two on if you wanted, one on each side. I use mega rounds as well with a converter so I can fire both from the Sledgefire

  3. I just set up a 'tactical' sledgefire for a customer, take a look at the Facebook page.
    It has custom tear-off shell holders (in Multicam Black) and industrial velcro on the body of the sledgefire. The full shell holders can be stuck on a vest or other velcro loop area.
    I also built a sling attachment point in a sensible location, so it will hang appropriately from a single-point sling.