Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Share your Nerf!

This week's winning "SOTW" comes with a bit of a cool story I thought I'd share.  The photo was submitted by Andu Mijomee on Facebook for Week #3 and I couldn't pass it up!

"These four lads are Danish (well, one's Norwegian). My school has an exchange program with a college in Denmark. In the last two weeks that their students were here, I ran into some of them at a Minecraft club meeting, and invited them to our Nerf wars. Since they didn't have time to go to their hotel for dinner, I made them all pasta with taco meat sauce (they were interested in American food traditions).

I elected two of them as team captains, and they tried doing Rock, Paper, Scissors in English and couldn't. They finally did it in Danish--saks, sten, papir (Rock, Scissors, Paper). I got them to teach it to me, and I try to enforce the new club rule that Rock, Paper, Scissors is to always be done in Danish! (After all, the point of the exchange program is the sharing of culture.) I got along well with the Danes, in part because the portion of my ancestry that I claim is Scandinavian, and I know a little more about the culture and mythology (non-Marvel mythology, that is) than most Americans.

The best part of this photo? The guy holding my Nerf foam Mjolnir is named Thor. No, seriously--that's his birth name.  I let him keep the hammer when he went home to Denmark."

Moral of the story?  Share your Nerf!  (And submit your photos for SOTW #4!)

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