Friday, April 25, 2014

SledgeFire Fun!

This is probably one of the longest videos I've made in awhile, so I took my time and had some fun with it.  I'm fond of the ZombieStrike SledgeFire, so I did a two-in-one video.  The first half covers an easy modification that improves power and range without sacrificing reliability and internal structural integrity.  The second half gears up my MOLLE Rig with some pouches to carry 12 Shells and 36 Darts into battle!

Oh and I should say that the MOLLE Rig idea is kinda sorta "borrowed" from the awesome folks at Basic Nerf.  Go see what he's done with his MOLLE schtuff!

Lookin for the SledgeFire Video?  Click the link below.


  1. can you upgrade the ejection spring so the shells pop out.

    1. Yup! I know I've seen it elsewhere before.

  2. Thanks for linking back to me!

    If I were you, I would suggest moving your Dump Pouch more towards your hip (around 7 o clock area) and then more your shell storage pouch to around where your dump pouch was.

    This should stop you from "cross drawing" the shells from across your body. thus reducing effort, energy, and making it much less awkward since your shell pouching is closer to your loading hand anyways.

  3. where did you get extra shells?