Thursday, January 3, 2013

Xplorer: X-Dart Mag Review

The X-Dart Mag is a product of Xplorer Blaster Developments and is an excellent yet simple piece of hardware that will give anyone using homemade darts in clip-fed blasters the edge they need.  With a wide magazine design that's ideal for storage in tactical pouches, an 18 round capacity, and a reliable build, the X-Dart Mag is just what you need for gearing up your Stefan-slinging blaster.  Here's my quick review of this new product from Xplorer!


  1. You should really try the PAK-D clip. 12 dart stefan clip for 5 bucks, unlike Xplorers 18 darts for 10,000,000€

    1. Not sure where to find those. The older Xplorer Stefan clips are shaped just like them and are narrow. I prefer the wider design on these newer ones anyways.

    2. Actually zook they are shaped like the new ones, check your facts. Also will there be a discount like sludev does with people or not.

    3. I have not been notified of any discounts as of yet. And I think the word you're looking for is "SlyDev", check your facts ;)

    4. Stupid iPod auto correct!!!!!

    5. Lamlamomo.
      Comparing a cheap ABS clip to a composite material clip which withstands more trashing is utter rubbish. Pak D won't even be able to cover their cost with the price they are throwing. Besides, if you have actually used them, they are not friendly with auto blasters, and the tension of the spring is far too strong to hold darts, and may even squash some if you are not careful.

      Check your facts ;)