Monday, January 28, 2013

New Year, More Games!

Cold weather has thwarted my previous attempts at planning the first laser tag game of 2013 for the MLTA, but I think we've finally got a good one coming up on February 3rd!  Temperatures in the mid 40s should be just fine for our electronics and I'm itching to get out there and play a few rounds with my friends, friends of friends, and father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate (bonus points if you got that reference).

I suppose I can't complain completely, as I have hosted an indoor game for a local church recently that was quite a lot of fun.  It's something I've been doing a little more frequently with churches and colleges in the area that I quite enjoy.  It also gets quite a bit of exposure for the MLTA and for Laser Tag in general.  Many folks are still under the idea that laser tag can only be played at Roller Rinks and Shopping Malls in a stuffy arena with big bulky chest sensors.  With the LTAR on store shelves and with my group still rockin' the LTX, I'm always eager to keep this town tagging.


  1. Great. A few weeks ago I played a match of laser tag with some friends at a bowling alley. Fun stuff. Now if only we could set up a game or two with our own blasters and it wasn't so cold. >.<

  2. Yes I get extra bunos points! 'Cause I love SPACEBALLS!

  3. You mention that it would be warm enough for your electronics...

    Does the cold really get to them that much? What's the minimum you play at?

    1. We generally don't play when it's below 28 degrees. The games we play outdoors generally last 2-3 hours minimum, so having blasters out in the cold for that long usually start having battery problems after 2 hours. Because the blasters are constantly on, instead of pulling power intermittently like a Nerf blaster, the drain that the cold causes is much more obvious.