Thursday, January 24, 2013

N-Strike Elite Stockade Review

Pocket over at Urban Taggers was kind enough to send me an N-Strike Elite Stockade to review!  It's especially neat for me since this is the International Spec version with a silver/gray trigger instead of the orange triggered versions.  While it denotes a lower-power blaster, I just like finally having a silver trigger without it having to be repainted or metal or anything like that.  I'm also stoked because the stock on this has quickly become my favorite one to use ever... of all time.  It trumps the Retaliator's Stock size any day of the week if you ask me.

I've got photos of the Stockade over on the Tactical Tag Facebook Page with different options on it.  See my quick review of it after the jump!


  1. I wish this was available over here... Could use another Elite stock and a better Barricade. Also, I wish I could find a guide on how to dismantle an Element scope; I want to repaint it for use with my makes-elite-look-wimpy Longshot/Laser Tag gun.

  2. That would be the perfect stock to cut up and attach to the rough cut (upside down of course). Somebody on the hvz forums said they saw one at a Walmart in NY. Hopefully we will see these soon.

  3. Does the Stockade stock work with the Praxis/Lumitron or the Pyragon? I know the Retaliator stock doesn't.

    1. No, from what I saw on Outback nerf, it doesn't

  4. Holy cr@p that motor is silent!!!!!! Can't wait to get one...

  5. Im bored cause i saw it evrytime i go to toysrus (malaysia)