Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Terra Nova Blasters

The most expensive show on television uses Nerf blasters as props.  We've already seen the Nerf Recon and Nite Finder used in the first couple episodes.  Now a fan favorite, the Longshot, has found it's way into things looking... for the most part... stock.

At least they took the time to make the Nite Finder and Recon blasters that have been featured look like they were worked on.  The Longshot  has almost no major aesthetic mods from what I can tell.

i09 has this to say about the matter:
Looks like they burnt all their money on dinosaurs and eyeliner for the sixers. The leftover money was spent spray painting these $40 Nerf guns. Oof.


  1. haha! wow I missed it the other night, I can't believe they didn't do anything cosmetic to it apart from unloading a can of paint!

  2. Hey man if it works, it works. To most viewers they probably just look like "cool future guns".