Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Laser Tag Prop Pistol

So I've been focusing the past few days on something that's not quite so "Tactical", nor very "Tag"ish.  However, I DO have a laser tag game on Sunday that will be in costume and since my Captain America geddup is what I'm using, I thought it'd be fun to fill you all in.  But to keep you Taggers interested, here's a quick recasing I just built tonight to aide the Cap in taking down his enemies... as long as they're wearing a Laser Challenge sensor, that is!

The pistol is unique in the sense that nearly all of it's "Toy" features, like the recoil effect and the sound effects have been retained.  We did this by having both the toy gun sound board and the Laser Challenge Radar Extreme board run off the same power supply.  Both systems need 3 Volts to function, so it was a match made in ... well... my workshop.  To the left, you can see the Laser Challenge board getting prepped to install into the toy gun.  It actually rests on top of that battery box.

And here's the full layout of the blaster!  The trigger and reload button are wired into the LC board and function normally.  However, when they're pressed, they also activate their respective sounds via the sound board being wired into these buttons as well.  The only down side to using the toy blaster's sound effects is that I can't tell when I'm out of ammo.  But thanks to the fact that the board has 25 shots, it's unlikely that I'll run out as long as I reload frequently.  25 single round shots take a LONG time to burn through.

Below is a video showing how this guy works.  I'll be painting it tomorrow and using it as part of my equipment on Sunday for the Laser Tag game we're having, but I'll probably also use it as a prop for the costume even if it's not a laser tag event.

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