Friday, October 28, 2011

Gear Up for Halloween

Amidst all my work with laser tag, Nerf, and just hobbies in general, I've accumulated quite a lot of stuff.  In an attempt to cut down on my Hobby Footprint, I'm getting rid of a lot of stuff.  I could've donated it to Goodwill or maybe make some $$$ on an eBay Auction, but for the GOOD stuff, I've decided to do a series of posts with prizes for those who contribute.  It's less of a cheap way for me to keep my loyal readers happy and more of a way for me to give back to the community.  You don't even have to be a subscriber, BUT if you are, you'll double your chances of being selected to win it.  Each week I'll have the prize and the conditions needed to win it.  I'll contact the winner and get shipping information from ya and send it out.  It's that easy!

This first giveaway was inspired by something neat that I found on a blog that a few of my subscribers watch:  Lasagna678.  There were a lot of awesome repaints, but the one that stuck out to me was the Gear Up Stampede.  While I was not officially a big fan of the Gear Up series, his work looked clean enough and accurate enough that, had I not known that it was a custom paint job, that it was legit.  I worried that a blaster that big would look silly with most of it being orange, but with the subtle details, it works nicely!

So, in the spirit of Halloween, this week's giveaway is my Gear Up Barricade!  To win, just post a comment about what you thought about the Gear Up series.  It can be anything like if you liked the extra disk that was included, how you felt about it's promotion of the Vortex series, if you were a fan of the orange paint job, maybe something about those black striped darts!  Just leave a comment and, by next Thursday, you'll be entered to win it.  Again, if you are a Follower, your name will be entered twice!

Good luck everyone!  Every Friday I'll be posting the winner of the previous week as well as the next prize up for grabs!

As an added bonus, the winner of this first giveaway will also recieve a Nerf-Brand Tactical Vest.  I attempted to give this away a few weeks ago, but I have not heard from the winner for it since I notified them, so it'll be included with this Barricade instead.


  1. I am a huge fan of Orange so I love the paint jobs on these guns. I am new to nerf in the past two months so I missed all the Gear Up stuff, I was able to get a Maverick though, and I love the gun, looks great in orange and that Stamped may need to be copied, because it looks so good.....

  2. man, I wish the gear up stuff was available over here. I was going to get both the gear up raider and recon and mix and match the parts around. So I guess I'd have to say that I like the series because all the parts seem to be able to be mixed around and still look pretty good.

  3. The Gear Up series intrigued me. Recolored blasters to advertise new blasters? Sure, why not? Orange is my favorite color, so of course that was a plus, but the main reason I got my Gear Up gun was for the extra darts and the disk. The disk piqued my curiosity, and the extra darts for the same price was a no brainer.

  4. For some reason I missed them when they were out (they disappeared so fast!), but I actually liked how scarce the Gear Up blasters were; it made them seem more special. I absolutely loved the paint scheme for the blasters! But the black on the only Mavericks I found was kind of wimpy, more like a dark gray, which disappointed me. The disc and 4 extra darts were awesome! And all the darts were whistlers! All in all, the blasters were a very cool promo.

  5. I truely loved the gear up series not only the darts but the color sceme was bold yet awesome. With the promotion for the vortex that made me want to get each gear up even more just to learn what was coming next from Nerf. Plus with the free disk i could have only imagined what the vortex were to be like. Plus it also gave me ideas for how to paint my own blasters with the racing strips.

  6. I liked the Gear Up series mainly for its color scheme. The black stripes were a really nice visual feature on both the darts and blaster. The fact that it came packaged with a XLR disc to promote the Vortex license was very interesting. Seeing as how people were disappointed with the announcement that Vortex blasters would shoot discs, this really helped to persuade fans that the new license would not be like the "wimpy" disc blasters from the past.

    While I prefer the Whiteout Series over Gear Up, I still appreciate it for what it's done, from both an advertising and artistic standpoint.

  7. Personally I wasn't really fond of the Gear Up blasters as they had too much orange. Thumbs up to the stripes though! The only one I might have bought was the Recon. But that didn't seem to come to America. Plus knowing the Whiteout series wasn't far away I didn't want to spend any money that could be used for better blasters. Something I did like was the striped darts and free Vortex disk.
    C-dog (8-D

  8. where would I be able to get some of the gear up series guns.

    1. I'm afraid you're 2 years too late. The Gear-Up blasters came out during the Summer of 2011 in anticipation of the Vortex Lineup launch. The only place you can find Gear Up blasters would be on eBay now.