Sunday, October 23, 2011

Building a Hero

It's starting to come together!  Plans for parties, getting ready for the Halloween Laser Tag game on the 30th, and this costume of mine.  For the next week, I'll be making and receiving the finishing touches to my costume that'll debut at a party on the 28th, play laser tag the next Sunday, and perform in two different venues on All Hallows Eve.  I'm stoked!

The costume, if you missed it earlier, is Captain America, as seen in "The First Avenger" which hit the box office this past summer and will hit shelves in Blu Ray and DVD on October 25th.  It's probably my favorite superhero costume to date because it turns away from that "Men in Tights" look that Captain America (an most other superheroes) usually has and became much more practical and realistic.  It's more of a Biker suit than a superhero geddup and has a neat rugged and unpolished look to it that I dig.

Making the costume has been no easy feat.  Thanks to the help of a friend who knows a leatherworker, the jacket that the Cap dons will be arriving within the week (I've seen pictures and I'm really excited to see it).  The shield I just picked up at a local costume shop.  It looks the part and is nice and lightweight.  I messed with the straps on the inside a little so it fits in my hand easier.  The Helmet is being built from one of those kids "Hero" masks.  I'm giving it a bit of a facelift and making it a full helmet and cutting down a lot of the useless plastic and rubber inside the mask to make it fit better.  We'll see how that turns out... so far it's been a little tricky.

The next big battle? Trying to figure out what system to go with for this Halloween Laser Tag game.  Originally I had announced it as an LTX/LTTO game so that we wouldn't have to worry about vests interfering with costumes/getting covered up  by said costumes, but after a talk with one of my veterans, I'm considering going old school with Laser Challenge.  We've got exactly a week to figure that one out.  I'll post more progress as the costume and game details come together throughout the week.

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  1. Add a light spray of black to the mask. Sand of a little bit after the application. Then do medium dry brushing for the more worn effect.