Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ready to "Gear Up!"

Nerf's "Gear Up!" series N-Strike Blasters are hitting shelves here in the Midwest.  I spotted Raiders and Barricades at a local Wal-Mart.  I haven't been able to find Vortex blasters, like a few others have.  This is likely just a distributing error on the retailers part, so it would just be dumb luck if I were to find some of those around here.

Can't say I'm super psyched for a two tone Halloween Nerf blaster series of recolors, so I doubt I'll pick some of these up.  If I ever see a Whiteout series blaster though, I'll be nabbing that pretty quickly!  If you ask me, the Whiteout series should've been the colorscheme for "Gear Up!", not the construction worker blasters.

Pricing so far has been identical to the normal blasters.  I suppose if you were bummed that the Barricade doesn't come with the Raider Stock, at least it's in the same colors as the Raider now!  I have yet to spot the Maverick or Recon in these colors yet, but I'm sure they'll show up soon enough.  Nerf Mods & Reviews also has online ordering information for "Gear Up!", Whiteout, and Vortex from Wal-Mart's website.  Details here.

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