Sunday, July 3, 2011

How annoying!

So I awoke this morning to the sound of rain on my window and light rumbles of thunder.  Today is the day of our 6th Annual "Independence Eve Blast" and we were expected to see record turnout.  I hope this rain clears out and gives our park some drying time.  If all else fails, I suppose we could just have the cookout/do away with the games... but I wanna SHOOT people to celebrate this country's independence!
IEB #5, 2010 Turnout


  1. that sucks! hope it cleared up! by the way, that's a nice blaster you got in that photo, what is it?

  2. It did! Wonderful games and beautiful weather!

    That blaster is my M41A Pulse Rifle project. I'll have more detailed info on that in the weeks to come as I resume work on it.