Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Progress > Congress

Worked last night with the help of some friends on some laser tag gear.  Thought I'd share some of that here.  In lieu of mother nature making things unbearably hot, we cancelled our laser tag game for Monday Night and had a Mod Night instead, where friends of this hobby get together and pool our resources to work on stuff.

Last night we worked on the RE-Spectre a bit.  It's proud new owner, pictured here, worked out some kinks in it's trigger and Max Blast button.  Later we'll be expanding this blaster into a rifle by adding a stock and a modular barrel system, much like what Sundawg has done with his RE-CON Mk IV.

I also opened up an older project of mine to rework some internals/install a better reload button.  The M42-I "Durango" is my Nerf/Laser Challenge integration project.  It's built from a Red Strike series Longshot with a Front Gun integration that houses the laser tag internals.  The only point where both systems cross is at the trigger, which both systems use.  The trigger pull still works for the Longshot, but I've installed a button behind that assembly for the trigger for the Laser Challenge board. I relocated the Reload button close to the trigger and am also rewiring much of the internals for it to clean things up.

We also got some more schtuff done for the new board going into the Pulse Rifle.  The Arduino is programmed and ready.  All we need to do is get a sound card on there for it's sound effects and install the system into the PR.  I'm hoping to have it done by the end of Season 6.

Also made a Slideshow on YouTube of the Pulse Rifle's progress.  Check the video below!

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  1. Pretty exciting to see the Arduino board go into the PR. Have fun developing the sound capabilities.
    - Duncan