Saturday, July 16, 2011

Milk was a Bad Choice!

It's so hot out!  Hot enough to warrant the OLCA cancelling the normal Monday-night weekly laser tag game 3 days early due to a heat advisory that is expected to peak on Monday.  With all this heat, I've been kind of glad that I delved a bit into Super Soakers.  More folks have been taking advantage of our pool in our backyard and soaker wars have broken out as a result.

My "Endless Thunderstorm" has become quite popular and I've been asked several times to make a tutorial for it.  Truth be told, it's pretty easy!
  1. Separate both halves of the Thunderstorm.
  2. Purchase a cheap Hydration Backpack
  3. Cut the end off of the Hydration bladder's tube.
  4. Connect the tube to the intake valve (where the clip used to attach)
  5. Seal the connection with Teflon Tape.
Like I said, pretty easy.  I might take it apart and do some pictures later, but it's too hot out and I'd rather enjoy the pool for the moment!

As a result of the game getting cancelled this Monday, I am having friends over to swim, soak, and have a bit of a Mod Night later.  Should be fun!  I'm planning on finally finishing the LTX DMR too!


  1. nice idea .. lol but i wanted to know if you ever painted one of your guns before? with a mod on it

    1. That picture above isn't enough proof? It's a painted Nerf Stampede shell with Phoenix LTX laser tag internals installed in it, along with a few aesthetic changes. If that's not a "Painted gun with a mod on it", I don't know what is.