Sunday, July 24, 2011

Light Strike Pricing so far

Light Strike has made it to shelves here in the US at Toys R Us locations so far (only store that carries them to date).  Folks have been asking about pricing information so I took some pictures of the products I've spotted thus far and recorded their prices here.  Since my intial spotting, I have also found additional accessories for this system.

  • Refractor Launch System:  14.99 USD
  • Strike Target: 11.99 USD
  • Target Vest:  29.99
  • Strikers:  34.99 USD
  • Assault Strikers:  44.99 USD

These are the only products I've been able to find so far and pricing is obviously subject to change.  Toys R Us is generally the most expensive retailer (Nerf Blasters alone are usually marked up 5 bucks or so), so these might go down when they hit other store shelves.

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