Monday, May 23, 2011

Work work work!

It's a Monday, which means I usually attend the weekly "Fight Night" game held by the OLCA.  So naturally, I'm getting some gear ready to go this evening.  I managed to get the Sight on and zeroed on the LTX DMR.  Needless to say, I'm a happy camper about that!

I'll likely run with it as my Main Blaster tonight.  I'll have my RE-Spectre on me as well for further testing.  If I can get a new battery for the sight, the RE-Spectre should have targeting optics too.  With the addition of a stock, it could make a nice main weapon for someone this evening.

I also got my LTX Armory all squared away in 3 crates for storage.  Currently I can outfit 16 players with LTXs!  Add my two LTTO Deluxes, and I can do 18 in a hosted game.  Speaking of which... I really need to get Hit Light Mods done on those two Deluxes!  I think there's a few other guys I tag with who would want to do this too, so we'll have to do a Mod Night.

Tomorrow I'll be sharing pictures from the OLCA's first 3 games of the season.  You'll see everything from my LTX DMR and RE-Spectre in action, as well as a laser-taggin Stormtrooper (complete with a working E-11 Laser Tag blaster he converted!)

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  1. have you got that power issue on the LTX DMR sorted yet? i gotta say that's an incredible amount of work you've put in for such a nice lazer tagger!