Tuesday, May 10, 2011

LTX DMR 95% Complete

I've completed much of the work on the LTX DMR.  Before the paint job went down, I added two Styrene plastic plates to either side of the blaster, where the large "Nerf" logo used to be.  One panel I kept blank, but the other, I made my own raised "LTX DMR" logo with thinner Styrene sheets of plastic.  I think it turned out pretty nice.

I will touch up parts of this paintjob and perhaps add a few more details and aesthetic work, but this is largely how the LTX DMR will look completed.  The only major thing it lacks at the moment is the weaver rail and Red-Dot sight.  I will add those while I also repair a few of the wires that have gone bad that I outlined in an earlier report.  I also used this blaster during the OLCA's Season 6 Opener on Monday, May 9th.  I didn't get much of a shot trying it out though, on account of the fact that the power glitched out on me again.  That issue has snuck back, but I think I know how to solve it.


  1. oh wow that looks absolutely awesome, well done!

  2. I like it. I know from your posts that you spend a lot of time on these mods and re-casings, but you make it seem deceptively easy.

  3. Thanks guys! There's actually a lot of road blocks and issues I run into in-between updates. I've done enough of these that it's just basic problem solving every time I hit a snag. Although I'll be honest, were it not for that spare LTX I picked up at a Thrift Store, this project would probably still be Dead in the Water since I messed up the IR LED on the last board (still waiting for a solution on that guy). The LTX DMR has certainly been one of my more difficult and challenging recasings to date though. It's internals are much more complex than any Laser Challenge recasing we've done before.