Friday, May 27, 2011

Nerf Whiteout Series

Thanks to our Singapore-based friends at SG Nerf, we have a look at the next recolor the N-Strike Line has seen.  Sure, it's ANOTHER Maverick in new colors... but better yet, this is the First recolor we've seen for the Longstrike and Spectre, and they look pretty schweet if you ask me!

We got a glimpse of the Maverick version from Urban Taggers awhile ago, but no news of it followed until now!  Photos courtesy of SG Nerf!

As far as I know, these should get regular circulation.  As always, Singapore gets the leg up on those of us in the US as far as new blasters go (most of the time!).  There's also the "Gear Up" colors for N-Strike in Black and orange, but I'm much more excited to get my hands on a white Longstrike than a Halloween-colored Recon.

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  1. hee hee top comment. i dont like whiteout prefer gear up.