Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Vortex Coverage

I may have my own reliable sources for Laser Tag news, but I rely on two other Blogs for new Nerf news, especially when it comes to Vortex.  In case you're in the dark about them, give 'em a look!

I'll have the inside scoop for the next Laser Tag system soon enough! ;)

 Based in the land down under, Urban Taggers has been an excellent source for me.  They're especially good at picking up blasters "magically" before they're officially released to check them out.  It's a great blog full of news and reviews.

Aside from their excellent sources and members that contribute to their blog, Click Click BAMF is especially good at finding ANY foam-blaster-related products.  Some really interesting stuff shows up there and they always take an in-depth look at these products. 

Both of these blogs have been on-top of the latest Vortex news and are, in general, all-around good sources for foam-slinging blasters.  And to top it all off, both the writers and members who frequent their sites are great folks from what I've seen!  Go check 'em out if you haven't already!

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