Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Problems Plauge the LTX DMR

As I continue to aim for a completion around this weekend, progress on the LTX DMR is hampered by wiring and system issues.  The culprit for the issues this time around was the Main Power Switch (which also handles Team Selection).  The mechanism of the switch broke a day ago and after opening it up to see if it could be fixed, the fragile nature of the thin strips of metal that make the contacts for the switch work were not looking good.  I managed to pull a good switch off of an already opened/awaiting repair/parts LTX and did a transplant.  All seemed to be going well.

After some work installing a new button for the Strength Selection (Option for 10-25 hits) I noticed the Strength gauge lights were acting up.  Two of the Five LEDs for Strength Selection (Both Green) were not lighting up at all.  I tried repairing the connections to them to see if that was the case, but they still didn't work.  Then the power switch started acting up, starting up with the sounds at half-speed (made the computer lady sound like a dude!) and the switch would only enable Solo mode and Team 2, skipping Team 1 entirely...

So there's suddenly a lot wrong with the LTX DMR.  I'll be pestering my usual sources for help, but if you've got anything that could shed some light on these issues, please comment!

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  1. Almost sounds like a power supply problem - or system clock. The DMR is indeed a challenging project.
    - Duncan