Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Skirmos Prototypes!

Skirmos, the Open-Source Laser Tag system, is slowly but surely making it's way from being a Kickstarter dream to a reality for fans and enthusiasts from coast to coast.  In a recent news release from Skirmos, they announced that their fully-operational prototypes are undergoing testing that is working towards having full radio implemented by the end of the month on all 6 of their prototypes.

"Once all 6 prototypes are operational, we will begin negotiations with interested parties concerning manufacturing and distribution. This is going to be the fastest and most efficient way for us to get Skirmos to you, our backers. Again, once the manufacturing is started it is about a 5 month process. We are working hard every day to get to this point."

There is also a Snapchat account appropriately called "skirmos" for fans who would like real-time updates on their progress. It will feature videos and pictures of this new system in the weeks to come.  You can also follow their Facebook page or subscribe to their newsletter for updates via e-mail.  

While we've blown past the expected timeline for release of Skirmos, it's still exciting to see things moving towards development.  In the months to come, I'm hoping to be able to provide a detailed review of Skirmos to help spread awareness about this new system and what it can really do.  Stay tuned for more information!

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