Thursday, March 5, 2015

FDS: Elite Blue Demolisher

As if there aren't enough reasons to like those crazy Brits... here's another.  Yeah, you're seeing these pictures right (unless there's something wrong with your internet connection and they're not loading).  That's a Demolisher in Elite Blue colors!  But before you can say "Oh my gawsh where can I buy one?!?" just take a deep breath and realize... this is a repaint.  A REALLY good repaint!

This was a commission done for "Big Poppa Nerf" by Foam Data Services.  He shared these photos with me on the Tactical Tag Facebook Page and I just HAD to share them!  According to him, this commission was 85% conceived in the "Tactical Tag spirit of modding" to look stock and 15% conceived in the SBNC spirit of Photoshop Concepts.  I'm flattered that my idea of making things still appear stock has apparently become a thing... especially if it's bringing results like this!

To me, this paintjob not only tugs at my "I love Blue" heartstrings,  but also proves something that I've always been slightly irked about with the Demolisher.  TOO MUCH ORANGE kind of made it look blah.  However, with the Blue armor, even while keeping the rocket launcher orange, things look much more balanced and ...uh... tolerable.  I'm not sure if FDS or Big Poppa Nerf were the first to do this, but I certainly hope they aren't the last!


  1. That's the way a Demolisher should look!

  2. Just wondering.... do you still mod LTXs by any chance?

    1. So... do you know if it would be possible to 'fuse' two Shotblasts onto one LTX, to make a sort of primary-shotgun function gun?
      (also, sorry for the late reply!)

    2. There's an easier way to make a permanent shotgun-style LTX without having to sacrifice the increasingly rare Shotblast accessory. Simply remove the lens from a normal Phoenix LTX. It's not a 3-round blast like the Shotblast, but it will have a shorter range and wider spread than a normal Phoenix. Better yet, if you just wanted to make a full-time Shotgun style blaster that uses a shotblast, you could just tape over the normal Phoenix lens and literally make the user only have the shotblast feature. Granted... using the Shotblast repeatedly could be hard on the equipment and you might wear out the parts on it. In the years of games we've held, some of our Shotblasts have gotten a bit tired and don't work like they used to.

    3. K, thanks for the quick reply.
      I was looking for a way to make each shot do 6 damage, instead of 3, and since I've got quite a few Shotblasts I wouldn't really mind sacrificing a couple for that. Maybe I'll try the lens removal though.
      If you do know how to do that thingy up there^ without it being any trouble to you, as stated before I've got quite a few SBs. If you don't know though, it's definitely not your job to find out how, and maybe I would just do the lens removal. Thanks for the tips!

  3. Bazookafied , this might amuse you. It's rather like the great photoshop April fool you pulled on us all.