Wednesday, July 30, 2014

ZS Chainsaw Pictures & Video Review

I'll be the first to admit it.  The last time I purchased a foam sword from Nerf was... never ago.  I never really had an interest in it mostly because the group I do Nerf games with doesn't use 'em either.  However, most enthusiasts like me have been wanting to have a bayonet or foam-built weapon of some kind to attach to an N-Strike Tactical Rail.  Many have built their own, but Nerf hasn't really released anything like that... until they surprised us with this!

This is the Nerf ZombieStrike "Zed Squad" Chainsaw.  Before you get all excited, realize that this is made by Nerf, so it's just a big flimsy piece of foam you can add on to your blaster.  But, as these pictures show, it really looks quite good on blasters.  If you're into dressing up your blaster, this is a must-have accessory.  If you're into practicality over being a photo king, you can probably skip this one.

Check out more photos of the ZS Chainsaw on Tactical Tag's Facebook Page.  You can also see the video review after the jump!

You can also check out RandomShadow09's Range Test of the Chainsaw >>HERE<<


  1. ill probably add it to the zs magnus

  2. I'm thinking about buying this just for the tacticool-ness, does anyone know the DPCI code for it?