Thursday, July 10, 2014

ZS Longshot Release Date

Looks like our old friend will be making it's way back to Target's shelves in August.  The ZombieStrike "ZED Squad" Longshot CS-12 Blaster has an online release date of 08-03-14.  Preordering for this blaster, which retails at $34.99, is available now.

On a related note, someone by the name of "deacle" has already posted a Review of this product.
Currently, 3 people don't find this review helpful.  I can't imagine why!  Of course, the question on every Nerfer's mind is the performance.  Questions loom as it's performance and internal design are speculated up the wazoo.  We still don't have a clear answer, at least as of this post, of what the internals look like for the new ZS Longshot.  The Target Website lists this blaster's "Maximum Firing Diameter" at 55.0', which could either be a PTG range (which suggests it might have Elite internals) or they could be angled shots, which might suggest it's got original N-Strike internals.

Count me among those hoping for retooled "Elite-ified" internals that'll make this worth the 35 bucks.It would be wonderful to have this iconic N-Strike blaster with a set of new guts that might warrant even better ranges, stock OR modified!

Stay tuned!  We're now less than a month out from it's release!

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  1. Finally a release I am even remotely interested in. Half way kinda sorta hoping for old school internals or new guts but compatible with the old shell. Would be cool to be able to use what's already out on the market with OMW & Explorer & the like rather than have to wait for them to come out with new stuff.