Friday, August 1, 2014

Your Questions for the "Nerf Annual"!

What better way to start off a new month than with the return of MyLastDart?  That's right, his hiatus is over and MLD is back to unveil something he's been working with Nerf on writing a book.
This recently completed project with Pedigree Books has created the first ever "Official Nerf Annual 2015"!  It's an 80 page annual that's up for pre-order right now at Amazon's US and UK websites that will be released in the fall.

This isn't the first time MLD has dabbled with writing, as he was involved with the Nerf Ultimate Blaster Book before.  This new book will be an annual offering, so it's something that will be featured year after year.  As such, I thought I'd gather some questions from fans about this and then pick a few to conduct an interview with MLD about this.

Ask your questions about this new book in the comments below!  Once we've gathered enough to put an interview together, I'll get in touch with him and post his responses to them!

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