Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Suction Darts didn't work?

I was at a local retailer and thought "Hey, while I'm here, I should pick up some Suction Darts for fun."  I went in with the idea that these would work flawlessly, just like those that used to come with the Maverick and other earlier Nerf Blasters.  I went to the Nerf Aisle, grabbed a 12-pack, and took 'em home to shoot at some windows and watch 'em stick.  I used an unmodified RoughCut 2x4 to try them out first.  Then I used my HammerShot, Stryfe, Alpha Trooper, and SideStrike.  However, I really wasn't able to get anything to stick.  Maybe one or two out of every 10 shots would work.

Then I tried out the Jolt.  Now I can't get them to NOT stick... so what does this tell me?  These Suction Darts can be FIRED from every blaster... but unless it's a weaker shot, they won't stick like they should.  Disgruntled, I made a video about this.

Shortly after, RandomShadow09 explained this to me in a comment on the video.
Get 15ft or more away from the window and try again.  With Elite blasters you have to be far enough away from your target that the dart sheds a ton of velocity before it hits or you get the result you had.  It's dumb, but that's the only way they work.  I tried this out on a smooth wooden door, painted wall, and glass.  Once you're far enough away they will stick similar to the old ones.
He's right on the money, after I tested at longer ranges... but I was shooting much further than 15 feet to get the "stick" I was looking for.  It's still not as consistent as I would like.  At least, in my experience, longer shots have a better chance of sticking.  It's still not what I signed up for with these darts, but I suppose it'll have to do.

My opinion?  If you want Suction Darts that work like the old ones used to, you're better off sticking (literally) with those.  The new ones work, but under certain circumstances that sort of takes the "fun" out of it.


  1. Admitedly the elite suction darts suck at sucking(about as much suck as I could fit there:) ). What they are actually good for though as coop772 points out in his video is accuracy. Try side by siding them in a modded roughcut & you should be able to see a differance.

  2. My elite suction darts stick every time, and fall around 1-3 minutes later.

  3. My elite suctions work great in both my Retaliator and Roughcut. They can stick for hours and not fall down, and they stick even if they're so close when fired they don't even completely make it out of the barrel! (~1") At first they didn't work as well, but after some use they were fine. Much faster than old 'suckers' and maybe more accurate than regular elites. I think I might overhaul my small dart fleet. Try using them only and see if they work after serious use. (P.S. They won't stick to wood doors---too porous, I guess).