Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wedding Wishes from SBNC

Probably one of the only times I've gotten ever-so-misty-eyed watching a Nerf video and it came from an Aussie.  One of my favorite blogs out there, Southern Brisbane Nerf Club, posted an awesome shout-out video to me for my wedding.  I've even shown it off to family members who keep saying "Who the heck is Bazookafied he keeps talking about?" as they watch him sling darts across the ceiling.  Better yet, head on over to SBNC's Facebook Page and give it a look.

Al I've gotta say is THANKS to that crazy Australian Nerfer who managed to make this big kid red in the face and incredibly grateful to have gained such great friends through these hobbies.  It means a lot, bud!  Thanks!


  1. Mate you're getting married, how could I not?

  2. Hope you remembered the prenup. otherwise if she divorces you she gets half your blasters & probably not the tek 3s & jolts, I'm talking Elite Longshot & Aliens Pulse Rifle :) Grats Zook